7 Tips to Staying Hydrated

7 Tips to Staying Hydrated

7 Tips to Staying HydratedWe all know the importance of staying properly hydrated.  But most of us don’t as much water as we should.  How much water you need each day will vary from person to person, based on your activity level and your body’s needs.  Eight glasses of water a day has been the generally accepted standard for many years but your specific needs may be different.  Other suggestions say to drink half of your body weight each day for optimal hydration.  To find the ideal amount of water you need, you’ll want to monitor your intake.  The most effective way to assess your level of hydration is to check your urine.  If you are ideally hydrated, your urine will be light yellow.  If you are dehydrated, your urine will be dark yellow and have a strong odor.  Anywhere in between, and you should adjust your water intake.  Be careful to not over-hydrate though as this can result in serious consequences related to the loss of electrolytes in the body.  This is a rare occurrence though  as most people tend to drink too little water.

Since so many of us need to increase our water consumption, here are 7 tips to help keep you hydrated:

1.  Flavor it up.  Add your favorite flavors to a pitcher of water and let it chill.  Try watermelon chunks, oranges, mint or cucumbers.  This is a great way to dress up your water and make you feel like you’re at the spa sipping on fancy water.

2.  Use reminders.  We’re all connected to our phones these days so take advantage of your technology and use it to stay hydrated.  There are several great apps that will remind you periodically to drink water.  Or you can even set your own reminder so your phone will alert you to drink up.

3.  Infuse it.  If a pitcher of water isn’t practical for you, use a water bottle that lets you infuse the water.  I like the FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle water bottle.  I just add my favorite ingredients to the insert and each sip of water is perfectly flavored.  It’s easy to change flavors regularly and switch things up.  Oranges, strawberries, and cucumbers are perfect to infuse your water and it’s the perfect way to always have water with you. The flip top makes it easy to drink plenty of water and the handle makes it easily portable.

4.  Use a straw.  Studies have shown that using a straw helps you drink more water.  With a straw, you can drink faster and will likely drink more.

5.  Keep water nearby.  Having a cup or water bottle nearby can serve as a constant visual reminder to drink more water.  Keep plenty of water nearby so it doesn’t take any special effort to grab some water.

6.  Eat it.  Certain foods are great sources of water.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, spinach and even broth-based soups are incredible sources of water.

7.  Ditch the soda and alcohol.  Instead of drinking soda or alcohol, have a glass of water.  You’ll save money and calories with this simple substitution.  Drinking water has been shown to help with weight loss so this is a great way to get you closer to your ideal weight.

 Do you drink enough water each day?  I’d love to hear any tips you have to drink more water in the comments below.

**I received a FlavFusion water bottle to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.**

MealEnders: The Antidote to Overeating


**I received this product free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.**

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of products that say they will help control your appetite, speed weight loss, or whatever other outrageous claims they make that make them so attractive to people that want to lose weight.  I just don’t think these things are healthy or approach a healthy diet in the right way.  A balanced approach of healthy portion sizes of real foods along with regular movement throughout the day is the big secret to weight loss or maintenance.  But even with that outlook, I have realized that I have certain triggers and temptations that could sabotage my efforts. 

My temptation comes after a meal.  After almost every meal, I feel like eating something sweet.  Sometimes the urge is overwhelming.  That’s why I avoid having sweets in my house for the most part.  Having junk food around makes it too easy to grab without even thinking to satisfy the urge.  But what about in other situations where I can’t control what is offered?  You know…..like the box of cookies someone brings into the office or the cake celebrating a coworkers birthday.  I want to be a part of the celebration but staring down a huge slice of chocolate cake is too tempting some days.

When I was given the opportunity to try MealEnders, I was eager to try them.  They claim to be the antidote to overeating.  I’ll admit, I was curious about how this would possibly work.  I’m really interested in the psychological and behavioral aspect of eating so I was very intrigued by how these work.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well these worked and helped with my temptations.

First of all, let me tell you that these are not going to help you lose weight by skipping meals.  They aren’t meant to either.  They are to help signal your brain when you are done eating.  For me (and many others), that means the temptation to have dessert after every meal.  I was really skeptical about how effective these would be but they really do work!  Having one immediately after my meal eliminated my craving for dessert.  The signaling lozenge’s outer coating gave me the sensation of a sweet treat and by the time the inner core was gone, so was my craving.

What MealEnders are: a low calorie, drug and stimulant-free signaling lozenge that helps clear the desire to consume more food than needed from your mouth and mind.  It is not an appetite-suppressant or supplement.  It works with the body’s natural hunger rhythms using a unique combination of behavioral psychology and sensory science.  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?



Here’s how it works:  Each lozenge has 2 components: a sweet, outer layer that’s like a creamy candy and an inner cooling/tingling core like a piece of hard candy.  The sweet outer layer is the dessert that I think I want at the end of every meal.  The inner core uses the cooling/tingling sensations to cue the end of eating and clear the palate.  Since the mind and mouth are being occupied by the lozenge during the critical overeating zone when you are full but your brain hasn’t realized it yet.  By the time the lozenge is gone, your mouth and mind no longer want to continue eating.  You’ve ended your meal with a healthy, appropriate portion size!

The science of MealEnders really makes sense to me.  They don’t claim to be a magic elixir but instead work on behavioral, sensory and psychological levels.  According to their website, here are the ways it addresses these levels:


  • Establish a chronological marker for meal- and snack-end
  • Fill the 20-minute gap until normal satiety signals reach the brain
  • Create a pause in eating patterns so healthier behaviors may be established
  • Break the cycle of eating and chewing


  • Provide a measured sweet cue for dessert replacement, followed by a palate cleansing to reduce cravings
  • Engage the trigeminal nerve to cue the cessation of eating
  • Engage taste receptors to transition you away from foods being consumed
  • Alter anticipated taste of additional food
  • Temporarily modify olfactory perception – often a cause of overeating


  • Heighten mindfulness of natural digestive rhythms
  • Create habitual cueing of meal completion
  • Train the mind to recognize healthy portion sizes
  • Empower a sense of control

That’s a lot for a little lozenge, wouldn’t you agree?  All you have to do is identify your moment of temptation and enjoy a signaling lozenge just like a piece of candy.  Whether you are tempted to finish a large plate of food that you know is far too big, want dessert, want a second helping or want to snack on junk food between meals, MealEnders can get you through it and you won’t feel deprived or end up feeling guilty for overeating.  Since MealEnders come in 4 flavors – Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Mocha, and Citrus – you’re sure to find one you love!  I love them all – especially mocha and chocolate mint.

Want to win some and try them out for yourself?  Enter below and you can with 4 packs – one of each flavor!

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What is your biggest challenge eating healthy foods and portion sizes?  What flavor would you most like to try?  Tell us in the comments below!

Love with Food

love with food

**This is a sponsored post for which I received the product free of charge to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.**

Have you seen all the cool subscription boxes available lately?  It seems like they have a monthly subscription box for everything you can possibly imagine – from clothes to video games to food and everything in between.  But I found one that I love!  Not only do I love the snacks it includes, I love that the company is making a difference in the world too.  For each box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child.  As a mother, the issue of hungry children really touches my heart.  I never realized how widespread hunger really was until working at a summer lunch program.  There were hungry children within my own community.  And as much as I’d love to be able to volunteer regularly in a program to help these children and families, purchasing a Love with Food subscription box is one small way I can help.  And you can too!

You’re probably wondering what Love with Food is about now.  Well, it’s a monthly subscription box packed with healthy snacks.  Not only are they healthy snacks, they are all natural and/or organic.  The snacks I received in my box were all vegan too.  I’ve been eating mostly vegan for the last month or so and it was nice to see the availability of the healthy snack options that are available to me.  And these aren’t just any snacks that you’d find on the grocery shelf – they are delicious snacks that are harder to find.  Since I love trying new foods, this is a great way for me to try all kinds of different snacks.  Just take a look at what I got in my box:

love with food


Inside was a list of each snack included in the box along with a description of that product and its ingredients.  You’ll also find out which dietary program each snack fits into (gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and/or organic).  It’s really handy to have all of this information all in one place like this.  I love that there is an assortment of different products to try – from sweet to salty, even seasonings and tea.  My box included tea, choco chews, Annie’s chocolate bunny grahams, chocolate banana mini snack bar, hemp harts, roasted chickpeas, sea salt bops, almond butter cacao truffle, nutty rice bites with cranberries, and herbes de provence.  

love with food 1

I’ve been using hemp seeds for a while and love adding them to my morning smoothie so that’s just what I did with these.  The Miracle Tree tea was a great afternoon pick me up and was delicious with the almond butter cacao truffle.  The roasted chickpeas were perfect to throw in my bag to have a healthy treat.  I especially love all the chocolatey treats.  You can never have enough chocolate, right?

Here’s a short video of how Love with Food works: 

For just $10 a month, you’ll get a box packed with at least 8 tasty snacks to try.  For each box sent, Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child.  If you find snacks that you love and need more of, you can order them online.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  You can even get a gluten-free box if you follow a gluten free diet.  

Want to try a free box and see what you think?  Just pay $2 for shipping and you can have all these yummy snacks too!  Click here for this amazing offer!  And be sure to check out Love with Food on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

What is your favorite snack?  Tell us in the comments below!

Ginnybakes Gluten Free Cookies


   **This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated and/or received free product to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own**

Even though I lead a very healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out regularly, I like to indulge from time to time and really enjoy the good stuff.  And by good stuff, I mean bad-for-you stuff.  You know – cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc.  The stuff that can sabotage all my hard work.  There are some healthier brands and versions out there and I’ve tried some of them but it’s hard to compete with the taste of full-fat, sugar-laden, rich everything.  So when I had the opportunity to try out ginnybakes, I was intrigued but a bit uncertain about trying cookies that are gluten free and contain no artificial ingredients.  I learned that ginnybakes was created by a holistic nutritionist so that those with gluten-free diets could enjoy freshly baked good that are organic, handmade with love in a gluten-free kitchen, free of artificial preservatives.  The packaging claims that they are outrageously delicious.  That’s a pretty bold statement if you ask me!  But I’ll be the judge of outrageously delicious!

 When I opened up the boxes ginnybakes sent me to sample, I was so excited to try them and had no idea which flavor to start with.  I’m a very decisive person but with the flavors they sent, I suddenly couldn’t make a decision to save my life!  Do I start with chocolate chip love, chocolate chip macadamia love,  chocolate chip oatmeal bliss, coconut oatmeal bliss,  double chocolate happiness, buttercrisp love, dreamy vegan delight, or the chocolate chip oatmeal bliss ginnyminis? Seriously, just look at all these different flavors!


 Knowing how this story ends, I now know that I couldn’t have gone wrong with any flavor I chose.  I often say my food is cooked with love but you can really taste the difference in these cookies!  They are made with quality ingredients and you’ll notice the difference instantly.  While I’m not usually a fan of crispy cookies, these are absolutely amazing.  After the crunch comes the melt in your mouth part.  Every bite is rich and decadent.  I would never believe that an all natural, organic, gluten free cookie would taste this good.  It’s seriously a challenge to stop eating them!

ginny3I usually gravitate toward chocolate chips cookies but ginnybakes has broken me of that mindset.  The chocolate chip cookies were absolutely amazing but even the cookies without chocolate chips were delicious!  I would happily eat those all day long!  Some of you know that I have been transitioning to a mostly vegan diet the last month or so but I hadn’t tried any vegan baked goods until now.  Ginnybakes makes some “dreamy vegan delight” cookies.  If I knew this is what vegan cookies tasted like, I would have converted a long time ago!  They also have mixes so you can make your own delicious brownies or cookies at home.  You’ll add your own love to these :)ginny1


Seriously, these are the best cookies I have every had.  Ginnybakes claims to be outrageously delicious and I can whole-heartedly agree!  I can’t believe cookies made with all natural ingredient that are gluten free, organic and non-gmo can taste like this!


What are your favorite cookies?  Tell me in the comments below!

Be sure to check out all the deliciousness that is ginnybakes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Weight shaming has got to stop!


I was planning a completely different post for today but after having a discussion about weight shaming, I realized that I have a lot to say about weight shaming, especially where it concerns pregnant women and new mothers. Obviously, I am a proponent of maintaining a healthy weight through eating right and moving more. But that is going to look different for each person. Some of us are naturally bigger or smaller and carry our weight in different ways. Health is not about a certain look or a certain number on the scale. That brings me to my rant about weight shaming that I have seen in the media recently.

You may have heard the story of lingerie model Sarah Stage and seen her baby bump pictures online. I don’t think anyone would deny that she’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t look like most women at 8 months pregnant. These photos seem to have brought out all kinds of people and many horrible comments, including many about her baby being dead or unhealthy. In what universe is it okay to say something like this? After listening to an interview with her, I was even more supportive of her and the pictures she posted. While I’m not a huge fan of skimpy photos like the ones she posted, she IS a lingerie model. She’s also a mother-to-be that is excited about the birth of her first child. And she wanted to document her pregnancy online for her followers. How many of you have posted online photos documenting your pregnancies? The internet wasn’t around when my kids were born so I didn’t post pictures of my pregnancies online but I love seeing pictures of my friends and family. Who doesn’t love baby pictures? And there’s definitely something very special about the glow of pregnancy that makes every mother-to-be beautiful.


As a model, Sarah Stage is very slim and beautiful. I don’t know what her nutrition and workout routine looked like pre-pregnancy, but she has continued working out during her pregnancy. Working out during pregnancy has been shown to be healthy for both baby and mother under normal circumstances and a healthy pregnancy. According to Sarah, at 5’ 8”, she weighed 120 pounds prior to her pregnancy. At eight months pregnant, she has gained 20 pounds. That’s a healthy weight gain and well within the normal, recommended range. Even her doctor says she is very healthy, the baby is healthy, and everything looks good. What do we have to criticize her over and why do so many people feel the need to say such hateful things to her? I just don’t understand why people are shaming her for being a healthy, fit pregnant woman.

On the other hand, we have new mother Kelly Clarkson. According to reports I’ve read about her pregnancy, she gained 75 pounds. Now that she is a new mother, I am hearing all kinds of comments about how overweight she is now. I also don’t understand these comments. She just had a baby and is adjusting to a huge life change. She has that glow of a new mother that is loving motherhood. And she seems more interested in spending time bonding with her baby rather than worrying about dropping the baby weight. Why do we need to shame her for gaining weight during her pregnancy and not being back down to her pre-pregnancy weight within a few weeks?


I just don’t get why we can’t love and support each other throughout the ups and downs of life. Pregnancy and motherhood is a very special time of life and adding in pressure of being too fat or too thin seems completely counter-productive and very negative.   For me, this doesn’t just apply to pregnancy weight either. Weight is such a sensitive topic for most women and a huge source of insecurity. What if instead we could support and encourage each other and lift each other up? I’m so tired of hearing women being weight-shamed and want to see it stop. Considering that the majority of women are not happy with their current weight, I find it interesting that so many people are outspoken about women in the public spotlight.

How do you feel about the prevalence of weight shaming in the media? How do you think we can improve weight shaming comments?

4 Secrets to Great Post-Workout Hair


BESTI hear all kinds of excuses that people make to not go to the gym.  You’ve probably heard (or said – gasp!) some of these yourself: no time, too tired, don’t like going to the gym, etc.  I’ve even heard women say they can’t hit the gym in the morning because of they don’t want to mess up their hair.  Okay….I get it….it’s important that your hair looks good but that’s easily fixable!  

Here are my 4 secrets to Great Post-Workout Hair:

  1. No ponytails. Using an elastic to hold your hair in a tight ponytail can cause breakage. I know it’s annoying to have stray hair flying in your face so instead try a braid, a bun or a headband to secure strays. This will also help hold your style better after your workout.  
  2. Pre-treat your hair. Before going to the gym, spray a bit of dry shampoo on your hair. Dry shampoo will help absorb the moisture from your sweat and keep your hair a little drier, making styling easier.
  3. Use quality products every time you wash your hair. How frequently you wash your hair will vary from person to person but it’s important to maintain the healthy balance of natural oils in your hair to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Overprocessing with coloring, blow drying and straightening can take a toll on your hair so it’s a good idea to use quality products like Dessange. I really like the Dessange Oleo Miracle Replenishing line that is very affordable. The shampoo, conditioner and finishing oil really make my hair look, feel and smell great, even on days when I don’t wash it.  It’s convenient to use the shampoo/conditioner combo many gyms provide but those are super harsh on your hair and can lead to even more drying out. And we don’t want that, right?dessange
  4. Post workout treatment. If you don’t have time to wash and condition your hair after a workout, apply a little dry shampoo to your roots to absorb the moisture. If you sweat heavily and your hair is wet, blow dry briefly and you’ll add volume to your hair and you’ll leave the gym looking great.

What does your hair care routine look like?  How do you handle post-workout hair?  Tell me in the comments below!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.

T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™

tmobile store

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias

tmobile main

My life has changed significantly since I started blogging two years ago.  I never dreamed that I could actually turn my passion for running into something to generate a little extra income for my family.  Okay, so maybe the money doesn’t actually go to my family but it does help support my running habit.  A girl’s gotta have shoes, right?  Anyway, when I started this blog, my main goal was to share my passion for fitness and nutrition with others.  Because I was never athletic as a child, becoming an ultramarathoning, clean eating, fitness fanatic was quite a shock to me too.  But I am proof that even the kid picked last for the team could grow up and be fit and healthy as an adult.  That’s why my website is named Everyday Fitness and Nutrition….I’m just an everyday person, not a super gifted athlete and I believe that we can all fit fitness and nutrition into our lives.

What I didn’t realize about blogging was how much work it is.  Don’t get me wrong….I love every bit of it!  But it’s a lot of work!  It wasn’t just a matter of sitting down at the computer and typing out a masterpiece that everyone would be eagerly awaiting.  There was the writing, editing, promoting, commenting on other blogs, building relationships, answering email, and I could go on and on.  As the blog grew, I found myself behind the keyboard less and less.  I was also leading clean eating challenges and working directly with readers that needed help getting their fitness and nutrition on track.  I came to realize at that point that my little blog was no longer a hobby but a business and I needed a business phone to keep business things business.  I debated an additional phone for a while.  Like most of us, I have my personal cell phone with me almost all the time.  With two daughters, I always want them to be able to reach me, day or night.  But I need to be able to shut my business phone off when I am done working each day.  As I began to toss around the thought of a new phone, I started looking at the different options available.  Because I don’t know where this little business journey will take me, I’m hesitant to sign a contract and commit to a monthly fee.

When I was in Walmart browsing the electronics department, I noticed a mobile phone display that advertised no contracts.  I’ve heard of prepaid phones but had previously thought they were expensive since you weren’t committing to a regular monthly plan and just basic phones used for calling.

Introducing Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile! For just $40 dollars a month get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text.

Hmmm…..$40 a month sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  But I’ve heard lots of complaints about prepaid plans.  You know….things like slow data, spotty coverage, or some kind of cheesy phone that you’d be embarrassed to let anyone see.  All valid concerns for me, especially considering I want to use it as a business line.  I really can’t settle for second-rate prepaid when my professional reputation is on the line.  With Simply Prepaid™, you get 4G LTE on T-Mobile’s nationwide network.  Simply Prepaid™ includes Unlimited talk, text, and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount (max speed of 8MBps) starting at only $40/month.  With no overages, credit check, or annual service contract required, Simply Prepaid™ is the ideal solution for my business needs.  For families, Simply Prepaid™ is a great way to always stay in touch with each other without having an expensive monthly contract.

tmobile store

When I saw the selection of phones available, I realized that I was wrong about prepaid.  This was the ideal solution for me.  I decided to go with the Galaxy Avant phone.  Not only was it affordable, it has a 5 MP camera and a 4.5″ qHD touchscreen.  Pretty fancy, huh?  I also picked up a couple of $40 prepaid cards so I am good to go for a while.  I love having all of the features and benefits of a contract but with no commitment.  Now I’ve got a business line to communicate with my clients and a mobile office so I’m always available.  Simply Prepaid™ is changing everything about wireless…and now it’s time to change prepaid.  

tmobile worktmobile work 1


Check out this video to find out how other families use Simply Prepaid™:

Have you ever used a prepaid phone plan?  What do you think is an appropriate age for kids to have mobile phones?


What to do when you fail


This post was supposed to be about something entirely different but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned.  As many of you that regularly read my blog know, I set some running goals for myself this year.  One of those goals was to run a sub-4 hour marathon.  My plan was to do that at the Houston Marathon in January.  But that didn’t happen.  So instead of celebrating achieving my goal, this post is about what to do when you fail.

Like I said earlier, my goal was to run a sub-4 hour marathon.  I trained for months for it and even through challenges managed to stay on track.  Realistically, the pace required for that goal is a comfortable pace for me and I fully expected to finish closer to 3:50 or 3:55.  Race morning was beautiful and as close to perfect as I could have asked for.  Temps were ideal for running and I felt great.  I was physically and mentally to tackle 26.2 miles and reach my goal. 

The race started and things were going great.  My pace was right on track and quite comfortable and the miles were flying by.  I had to remind myself several times to slow down a little and stick to my plan.  I hit the halfway point right at my planned time.  I was truly enjoying the day, the crowd support and my love of running.  Somewhere around mile 14 or so my calf started to hurt.  Marathons are painful and many times pains come and go so it wasn’t anything to be concerned about.  When it got bad enough, I walked for a little bit to rest it.  After the pain eased, I started running again and was fine for a while.  But that didn’t last for long.  After a few run/walk intervals, it was clear that something was wrong and I had to slow down.  The rest of the race consisted of slow run/fast walk intervals and I crossed the finish line in 4:18, over 18 minutes past my realistic goal time.

I failed.

Was I disappointed? Without a doubt.

Will this setback keep me from reaching my goal?  No way!

So, to turn my failure into something more positive and helpful, I’m going to share with you my strategies to handle failure.  These can be applied not only to running but to life.  We’ve all experienced a failure or two that we’ve overcome.  The key is to keep moving forward and not let it discourage you.  I can assure you that, even though I failed to reach my goal this time, there will be another time.  And if it doesn’t work out that time, I will keep trying until it happens.  I will not give up.  If your goal is important enough to you, you’ll keep going and not give up!


Get over it

I’m not sure that anyone would ever say that failure feels good.  And it didn’t feel good for me.  But I gave myself a few minutes to process those emotions and get over it.  Dwelling on it won’t help at all so it’s important to move on and get over the feeling of failure.

Assess what went wrong

In order to get different results, it is necessary to change something.  In order to understand what needs to be changed, it is important to assess what went wrong.   Analyze what went right and what went wrong.  Your revised plan will include what went right and work to change what went wrong.

Regroup and revise the plan

 Based on what you assessed went wrong, figure revise your plan to make whatever changes you need.  Every failure can be a learning experience that gets you a little closer to success.  It may require some trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Keep after it and try, try again

Persistence is the key.  The next time may not be the time you succeed but you will get a little closer.  History provides us with examples of well-known figures that endured many failures before finding success.    People from Oprah Winfrey to Einstein to Walt Disney failed many times but now are known for their success.  While you may never desire to be as well-known as any of these people, you have it within you to achieve your own dreams if you keep trying.


I’m now in the process of regrouping and revising my plan and continue to chase my dreams.  I’m not sure when I will succeed but I can assure you that I will!

How do you overcome failure and keep focused on your goals?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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Stayfree with an Active Lifestyle


***This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.***

There’s no doubt that I live an active lifestyle.  I’m busy from before sunup until my head hits the pillow at night.  But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way (most days, at least).  It hasn’t always been that way though – I used to live quite a sedentary lifestyle.

Before I started working out, I was starting to gain a little weight and was feeling tired all the time.  I figured that was just because I was into my 30s now and that’s just kind of what happens.  I definitely didn’t have the energy to start exercising but my doctor suggested that might help with my energy level.  I wasn’t quite sure how using more energy would help increase energy but I was willing to give it a try.  That’s when I started walking and joined a local 5k.  I was very surprised by some of the people that were participating.  They weren’t all people that looked fit or looked like typical runners.  That made me think that maybe I could run too.  That lead me to a Couch to 5K program.  It wasn’t easy but I started running more frequently and actually started to have more energy and sleeping better at night.  At some point, I fell in love with running.  Even looking back, I can’t figure out when that happened but running gradually became a regular part of my life.  And now I can’t live without it!

photo 2

It was amazing to see how much my running improved over time.  I started adding other workouts to my routine to strengthen my body and improve my running even more.  Over the years, I’ve done so many different workouts.  I’ve done everything from Body Pump to Piyo to yoga to P90x3 to spin and more.  There’s something about each of them that I really love!  Since I can’t do them all as much as I’d like, I have several of them in my regular rotation.  Staying active keeps my blood pumping and my body looking and feeling strong.

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 Now this part is for the ladies….

Being an active female has its own special challenges.  You know what I mean – that time of the month when we feel less than great or maybe even have to deal with PMS.  Did you know that there are several things you can do to potentially minimize the effects of PMS?  One of them is to get regular exercise and get plenty of sleep.   Eating complex carbs, fiber and protein and less sugar and fat can help.  Reducing your salt intake can help with bloating too.  Drinking less caffeine can help with the crankiness that some women feel (not you though, I’m sure :)).  Stayfree is part of my active life and helps me stay active while staying calm, cool, and collected during that time of the month.  With all of the different products that Stayfree offers, there’s a great selection to help keep you active too.  They will even help you stay active with 30 days of free yoga videos on Gaiam TV.  How cool is that?!?  Join me and take advantage of this great offer.  Read here for details.  Stayfree helps eliminate another excuse not to be active!

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?


30 Days of Free Yoga

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**This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.**

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m so excited to be able to share this special deal with you from Stayfree®!  As you know from some of my previous posts, I am loving being able to work out at home – so much that I am seriously considering cancelling my gym membership.  I have an extensive workout video collection that I absolutely love!  I can do whatever workout I feel like doing whenever the mood strikes.  One of the areas that my collection is lacking in though is yoga workouts.  So when I found out that I could get 30 days of free yoga videos just for purchasing something I already purchase, I was all over that!

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Here’s the deal:

Buy any Stayfree®   product online or in-store between January 8 and March 12, 2015.

Upload an image of your receipt here and you’ll get a free 30-day subscription to My Yoga on Gaiam TV!

Find a retailer near you by clicking here!  

There’s a huge selection of videos on Gaiam TV…. I can’t wait to try them all!  Who’s ready to join me and start your free 30-day subscription from Stayfree®?

What’s your favorite yoga pose?